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In Long Term Care, a consistent, loyal and talented staff is critical to the success of your facility.

Attracting and retaining this talent starts with making the right hire the first time. Easier said then done. You have a building to run, clinical issues and family members that need your attention. You do not have the time to dedicate to the selection process. This is what we do.

healthcare staffing Recruiting the right person doesn't happen in the want ads.

The candidate that you want is not unemployed and searching through the want ads. Experienced, skilled candidates find their next role through word of mouth and networking. We are part of that network. We have the inside track.

Hiring the right candidate is about more than the hard skills match.

You need to know about their character and work ethic - something you will not find on a resume. What is motivating them to make a move? Why are they interested in your opportunity? Do they make a move easily or is longevity important to them? With tools like behavioral based interviewing and second and third tier references, you can get to the heart of who a candidate really is and see how well they match your environment. This is our expertise.

Building loyal relationships with your staff requires the right leaders.

We spend our time in all of the right places, because an excellent nurse or therapist is not necessarily a good manager or leader. With our comprehensive database of experienced, highly skilled health care professionals, we provide you with the network to staff your management roles with the best leaders in the industry. We know who's who.

Controlling cost is key to the recruitment and selection process.

Your time is money. If you are spending it with anyone but the perfect candidate it is costing you more to fill the opening than is should. We ensure that your time is not wasted.

LandStone Recruitment allows you to focus on your core competences by simply focusing on ours. Sourcing only the best talent in health care, screening those candidates down to a culture match, not just a skill match, and managing the interview and offer process on your behalf. Done.

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