Landstone Recruitment Services

Landstone Recruitment Services is a division of Landmark. We recruit for the four Landmark owned and/or managed centers as well as Landmark's internal Management and Regional roles.

Landstone Recruitment also provides services to Landmark's clients. This allows us to be everywhere. With over 60 years experience in the Long Term Care industry our network is powerful; whether you are a hiring manager with a difficult role to fill or Long Term Care talent looking for a new home, we are a connection you should add to your rolodex.

We Make Your Career Search Easy

At this point in your career, you certainly donít have time to job search all day. Thatís where we come in. We bring the jobs you want to you; we will do all of the research that allows you to pursue only the roles that can offer you what you want - but it doesnít stop there. Weíll support you in the negotiation process, and follow up with you to ensure your career meets all of your expectations. We will be your own personal career counselor, your own personal career search engine.

Now That You Know What We Do, We Want To Know About You. Where Do You See Yourself?

Professionals we work with are upper level executives eager to find their next leadership role. You provide the passion, and we introduce the career choices you deserve - the choices youíve earned. Whether your ideal setting is for profit, not-for-profit, sub-acute, or specialized, we dedicate ourselves to finding the best match for you. Our clients are consultants, directors, managers and administrators, and we partner with each of them to find that perfect fit. When it comes to the job setting, we act as your advocate.

Become part of this powerful network today by calling us toll free at 866-927-7880

Landstone Recruitment Services
57 Wingate St.
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